Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sewing: Pattern Runway kimono dress in royal blue polyester crepe

It's the last day of March (hurray!) and therefore the last day of winter (double hurray!) as far as I'm concerned. I've started my spring sewing and have two finished items to show, so I figured I better finish my winter projects blogging today.

My last item sewn this winter is this Pattern Runway kimono dress. I'm afraid that the below is the only photo I have of it as I don't really want to take any more photos. I want to start photographing spring clothes and I just feel such a reluctance to take any photos of this.

Another reason is that I'm not sure I like it. I really do like the pattern. But my fabric is funny. It looks lovely in dim light, making it perfect for evening events, but in daylight it just looks strange, out of place, uncomfortable.

It's a polyester crepe. I got it to make a muslin initially, and was planning to make the dress in crepe the chine, but I ended up leaving myself too little time to make the real dress that I ended up wearing the muslin to a ballet performance I was seeing in London in February.

I got it from Croft Mill and while it is a good visual imitation of crepe de chine and feels quite nice against the skin, it is a rather stiff and coarse fabric. It was tough to cut, even for sharp scissors. Near on impossible to press. The interfaced facings feel really uncomfortable on such an already stiff fabric. It's great for a muslin, but I honestly don't see this dress getting a lot of wear.

I am very keen to make the crepe de chine version though!

Although it might not be until next winter as I already have a long queue of spring/summer sewing to do.

Speaking of, I'll start blogging my DIY spring wardrobe next week. Until then, I leave you with a photo of the beautiful Royal Opera House stage/curtains/part of the ceiling.


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