Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sewing: A little pastel quilt from Josh's shirts

So Josh and I had a huge argument and I cut up a bunch of his shirts and made a quilt from them to get back at him.

Just kidding. Imagine what a time-consuming revenge plan. Ain't nobody got time for that.

No, Josh and I are just fine. But I did cut up a bunch of his shirts and made a quilt from them, that bit is true.

Basically, when we moved into the house we currently lived in both of us went through our wardrobes and ruthlessly culled items we no longer wear. He perhaps more ruthlessly than me. I've got an emotional bond with a lot of my clothes after all.

Among the things he no longer wanted were a couple of beautiful cotton shirts in pastel tones and a couple white ones. Being the hoarder that I am I 'saved' these shirts and added them to my stash of pieces of fabric that might one day become a quilt. That was August. I finished the quilt last weekend.

Once I started cutting the up shirts it became clear that I would need a fabric to bind the pastel tones together, otherwise it would just look like a quilt made up of old shirts. So I ordered this lovely rose print on a mint green background cotton from Truro fabrics. Love it.

I didn't make the socks (I wish!), acquiring that kind of skill is more of a long term plan.

I finished the quilt top just before Christmas and was thinking about what to use for the back. Around that time a lovely friend of mine gifted me some beautiful mint green quilting cotton with a small floral pattern. Perfect! How she knew I'll never know, but oh boy was I happy!

The actual quilting took me ages because I find it just the dullest job ever. Actually, scratch that. I find sewing (by hand!) the binding on the dullest job ever. Quilting is the second dullest. I'm not good at it. My machine is not good at it (by hand? are you kidding me?). I might outsource it with my next quilt. 

But the quilt is finally done! It's only a little quilt, but I'm enjoying sitting wrapped in it with a cup of tea at hand writing this. (I can't tell you that it's exactly relaxing, because I'm having a nightmare with Blogger, but that's a rant for another day.)


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