Sunday, 22 March 2015

Knitting: Green rib knit scarf

My second knitting project this year - another scarf! This time for dad's birthday.

With the arrival of spring in the UK it might seem strange to be gifting somebody a scarf, but I Skyped with my family yesterday and they've got snow on the ground in Sweden. Luckily nobody in my immediate family has a birthday during the spring and summer aside from me, so I won't be tempted to give anybody any unseasonal knitted presents. My brother is next in September and while that is borderline summer/autumn he has actually requested a scarf, so there you go!

Anyways. For this scarf I chose a dark green Rowan worsted yarn with specks of red (colour Hawthorn). It has a lovely tweed look about it. Very interesting, yet understated. I used 3 skeins for the scarf and knitted it with 4.5 mm bamboo needles.

There's nothing much to say about this scarf really. It was a simple repetition of knit 2, purl 2 and therefore a perfect train commute project.

It took a while because the ribbing made it very dense, so each row contained something like 60 stitches, even though it doesn't look very wide. That means that as I was approaching the end this scarf was really heavy. And I was getting quite fed up with scarves and started itching to make something else. 

So I decided on...another scarf. You see, I really want to learn to knit cables, and when looking for a project I fell for the Brooklyn Tweed Kirkwood scarf. And well, when you fall for something you fall for something. At least I've got aaaages as this scarf is for myself and I have no intentions of wearing it before next winter. That means that there probably won't be any knitting projects on the blog for a good few months. Instead, bring on spring/summer sewing!


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