Tuesday, 17 February 2015

On not getting along with any sewing projects

I lost my sewing mojo. I think it's very slowly coming back, but for a while, everything I touched turned out terrible.

First, I sewed up the Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt, which I started ages ago, and the fit is disasterously bad. Which is such a fail on my part because with a flared skirt like that it's really not hard to get the fit right. I'm not even liking the fabric I made it in, so I have no motivation to try to fix it.

Then, I tried to make another Salme camisole. This time in lovely, luxurious silk. I don't even know where I went wrong, but literally everything about it is wrong. The fit is wrong. The drape is wrong. The construction is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Butchered silk. Unforgivable.

Finally, before giving up, I attempted to make a replacement for my first Salme skirt which I had worn to death. Should be easy enough, right? Two pattern pieces plus waistband and zipper. Plus I've made it before and been so happy with it I've literally worn it to pieces. Yet it went wrong. While cutting it out I accidentally cut the waistband in half. And of course I don't have any large enough pieces of the fabric left to cut out another waistband. I've since made a patchwork waistband, but I can't face finishing the skirt. Also, the fabric I've chosen is a bit whacky, so different from anything I'd normally go for, that it needs lining, but I don't have enough lining fabric. I suspect I'll hate the fabric and hence the skirt when it's finished, but I find it so hard to leave things unfinished.

I've been telling myself that I just have to finish the skirt, not even finish it well, and then I can move on to other sewing. But all that's resulted in is me avoiding any kind of sewing altogether.

Instead I've been spending my time with friends who are new to sewing but very happy and enthusiastic. And it's been so good! It's been a very pleasant reminder that sewing is meant to be fun! I can buy clothes if I want functional, flawless items. I sew clothes because I enjoy it. Flawless would be great, but I'm not a seamstress, I'm a (very!) amateur sewer.

So I went back to basics. And picked up this quilt again. Just straight lines. I'm going to finish the binding by hand and then I'll blog it. So should be a week or two. But in summary it's a bunch of Josh's old shirts cut up and mixed with some floral fabric for some pastel perfection.

That made me feel good about sewing again. So good that I ordered some dress fabric.

Both of these are from Croft Mill. The red is a viscose..something blend. I think cotton but might be wrong. I'm saving it for the spring, and then I will make the Deer & Doe Belladone dress with it.

The blue is a polyester crepe. I'm going to the ballet later this week and I planned to make a simple crepe de chine dress. These plans were formed before I turned into Edward Scissorhands around pretty fabrics. Since then however I realised I probably don't want to have more ruined silk on my conscience, so I ordered the polyester crepe to make a muslin first.

And this is the dress. Pattern Runway kimono dress. I made the muslin and didn't leave enough time to make the 'real' dress, so looks like I'll be wearing the muslin to the ballet.

So...some improvement, but I sure hope my sewing mojo returns soon.


  1. I bet it will be back in no time. The quilt is a nice fill in until then. 😊 It looks great.