Sunday, 11 January 2015

Spring sewing projects

Today is the last day of my 2.5 weeks off from work. It has been brilliant, but I'm itching with restlessness and quite looking forward to get back in the swing of things, morning commute and all (no, I didn't bang my head on anything). However, I woke up at 2 this morning coughing and not being able to breathe through my nose. A cold. Great. So today will be about absolute laziness. Pot after pot of tea, lots of rest, wrapping up in blankets and doing very little. All in an effort to recover as quickly as I fell ill.

So I am on my second pot of tea, spending the morning going through every indie pattern designer I can think of and pinning my favourite pieces on my sewing planning Pinterest boards. Although I am under no illusions that winter is ending, I want to get a head start on making my spring items.

In my 2014 summary I mentioned that in 2015 I want to make more practical items. The first thing I sewed this year was the Grainline Studio Archer shirt (yet to be blogged), and completing that filled me with confidence to make more things that I want to wear on a daily basis. Items I can wear both to the office and on the weekend.

Starting with the dresses, these four are my spring must haves:

From left to right: Salme sleeveless dress, Colette Laurel, Colette Moneta and Named Clothing Wenona shirtdress.

For the Salme dress and the Laurel I already have both the patterns and the fabric, so it's really just about getting to work!

And these are the separates. All shirts and pussy bow blouses, at the moment I'm not having much skirt/trousers inspiration.

I can't tell you for how long I've wanted to make the Mathilde blouse, but for some reason I have never gone for it. But this spring it is a must. I have the perfect rayon in mind and I can just imagine how great it will look with skinny jeans, wedge sandals and a pair of sunnies.

The Archer I've made a head start on by making a very wearable muslin. But I want many, many more. I have found my perfect shirt pattern.

The Sew Over It and Sewaholic pussy bow blouses will be the perfect additions to my work wardrobe. I like them both too much to go for just one, so I think I'll have to make both.

Given my love for the Archer I think I simply must try the Alder. I'm tempted to make it blouse length instead of dress length, in a very light lawn or voile. Hmm, will think about this one some more.

Finally, the Liola Designs Natalie blouse looks like the perfect casual chic pattern. I'll take one in every colour!

Right, let's get sewing!


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