Monday, 26 January 2015

Knitting: My first (well, kind of) scarf

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to learn to knit properly once and for all. I've tried on a few previous occasions and gotten as a far as knitting squares, using only the knit stitch. I've found you you can make a surprising amount of things with just squares, but after a while even I decided that it's time to stop being lazy.

I'm dreaming about chunky oversized cardigans and shockingly colourful fluffy socks. Ideally I'd wear these two together over pyjamas and spend the whole winter in bed this way, binge-watching Netflix and drinking my body weight in tea.

Now that I've painted this rather compelling picture I'm sure you get why I am so.very.keen to learn!

Also, I commute a total of 3-4 h a day. Imagine if I spent that time knitting. I'd have all my home-made Xmas presents done by April!

In other words, all the signs are there, I have to learn to knit!

I was very lucky around Xmas time because one of my bestest friends from Sweden came to visit. She started knitting not long ago and has become supergood superfast. I didn't let her leave until she showed me a few tips and tricks and after I waved her off at the train station I went pretty much straight to the yarn shop.

The plan is to start with some simple scarfs, then work up my skills with a slightly more complicated shawl and eventually have a go at a simple-looking cardi. But starting with the scarf. I had found a very simple pattern online, making a beautiful herringbone pattern using only knit and purl stitches.

My mom's birthday is coming up and I thought I'd make it for her. She loves everything purple so I bought three skeins of this gorgeous deep violet baby alpaca wool from the Oxford Yarn Store. It is the softest thing ever!

It took me forever to knit it though. It was my first time following a pattern and I had no idea how long it would take. In hindsight it was a good 40 hours, if not more. Sure made my commute fly by!

So am I hooked? Yes, I think so. It is so incredibly calming doing such a repetitive action and working that soft yarn with light and smooth bamboo needles. You know how they say that stroking an animal is calming? I'm sure the tactile sensation of knitting is somewhere on the same level. After a long day in the office spending some time on the train home listening to music and knitting is pure therapy!

On to the next scarf!


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