Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sewing: Salme pattern Liberty blouse

This is looking like my penultimate post of 2014. And it's about a very special fabric. This fabric goes way back. To around spring 2013, if I'm not mistaken (for me that's ages, I don't really keep a stash but rather buy fabric specifically for a project).

So in 2013 I bought the Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges pattern and this fabric to make it in. The fabric is a Liberty archive (1940s, I think) reprint cotton lawn, bought from...I think it was Stone Fabrics.

However, I ended up having all sorts of trouble with the Darling ranges pattern (read about it in the original post), so I didn't use this fabric in the end.

Then in the autumn of 2013 I drafted my own, very simple dress and made it in this fabric. And it was great! Very comfortable, nice-looking...a great dress, basically. And ink pen broke and leaked all over the skirt part. What are the odds?

Anyways, I didn't really have enough fabric left to replace the skirt front, so I instead chopped the dress up, saving as much fabric as possible and hoping a real nice project would come along.

And it did!

This Salme pattern is actually for a dress. But no reason why it can't be a blouse. became a blouse. This blouse.

However, I let this special fabric down. I made the blouse when I didn't really have time to make anything. So I rushed through it. And didn't match the pattern. And also messed up the collar. No biggie, I'll simply have to wear my hair down whenever I wear this blouse, but it's annoying me. I probably have just about enough fabric left to re-do the collar, so I'll probably do that at some point.

I wanted to blog about it now, because the colour of this feels very Christmassy and it is fourth of advent today after all.

So on that note, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, and see you on new year's eve for a round-up of this year's projects and some thoughts on next year's sewing.

Blouse, make-up and styling: me. Photos: Josh /


  1. your pictures as SO FUN! i love that ripped backdrop.

    and just don't tell anyone you let the fabric down, because from where i sit, that's a super cute make.

    1. Thanks Oona, I'll heed that advice! :)