Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sewing: Deer & Doe Chardon -the autumn version

I may have found my favourite skirt pattern! As soon as I finished my first Chardon I started dreaming up another. And while it spent a lot of time as a WIP, here it is - my autumn (& winter) Chardon.

The key difference between this and my summer Chardon is that this one is fully lined. I initially made it without lining, but the material kind of glued itself to my tights as I walked and scrunched up in the front in the most unflattering manner. So I went back to the sewing room (corner) and added lining. Problem solved! And it's a teeny tiny bit warmer too! That bit might be imaginary, but this is one thing I'm happy for my brain to deceive me about.

Two other small differences: I made the belt loops larger from the previous version and I sewed in an exposed zipper. The belt loops were the only issue for me about the pattern, but luckily that's probably the easiest problem in the history of ever to fix. The zipper is exposed because I simply didn't have an invisible zipper at home when I was making this. But I actually quite like it.

Aside from that, this one is very similar to my summer Chardon. Similar material, cotton poplin. Though not particularly wintery, poplin is so irresistibly easy to work with that I just couldn't help myself. Also, similarly to my original Chardon this one is in navy tones, but with a beautiful rose print.

This is probably the most accurate representation of the colours. I'm too lazy to go back and re-edit the others.

This fabric really made me think of Dolce & Gabbana's A/W campaign. You know the one with Claudia Schiffer?  Where she is wearing a gorgeous purple gown and smelling roses?

So I sort of drew inspiration from there for the result photos. Unfortunately I don't have a couple of leggy models, a mythical-looking forest and a team of photographers available, so when I say I "drew inspiration," please interpret that in the loosest sense of the word! As in, I went out and bought a few roses.

Ok, enough with the over-saturated, super high contrast photos. Please see below plain no-nonsense photos of the skirt.


  1. The fabric is gorgeous. Where did you get it? Lovely skirt. Zoe

    1. Thanks Zoe! The fabric is from Croft Mill. They have the most lovely poplins. xx