Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sewing: Autumnal Salme Camisole

Hey guys! Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend!

Firstly, apologies for the silence on the blog since OWOP14. I photograph things for the blog on weekends and the last four weekends I have spent one in Stockholm, two in London, and one teaching a friend to sew.

But because of the above I haven't made much either, so you really haven't missed anything.

Right, let's get to it then. Let's talk about style.

The last 12 or so months have been very, very busy for me and there has not been much time left over for sewing. As such I've had to be very selective about what I want to sew. And without thinking about it I've noticed how I choose to sew things I'm likely to wear as opposed to things that look/seem fun.

Ideally, I should choose projects that teach me new techniques or perfect those I'm weak at. But in the Venn diagram of my sewing habits 'ideally' and 'actually' have only a small overlap.

So...where I was going with this is that I've realised what kind of clothes I feel most comfortable with. And the answer is simple. Simple, elegant lines and cuts, very few fancy details, basically an opportunity for the fabric and/or print to do the talking. So when I stumbled upon Salme patterns (I know, I must have been living under a rock last few years) I was beyond excited. All simple, classic looks.

I had the perfect opportunity to give the Salme camisole a go recently. I was going to the opera with a friend. But spending the day in London with another friend beforehand. Since I live about 1.5 h from London I had to dress in something that could easily be taken from day to evening. A cami is perfect for this kind of situation. Paired with a cardigan in the daytime and with red lipstick and big earrings in the evening.

 Wore it with: black jeggings, blue pumps, fake pearls (I know, I know) and for evening Mac Lady Danger.

I made it with leftovers from this fabric. It has such a gorgeous autumnal print that felt very appropriate for this time of year.

It sewed fine. I hadn't used Salme patterns before, but I found this one great! The instructions are definitely not as thorough as some other indie patterns, but to be honest, unless you are a complete beginner you don't need every single step illustrated.

Two things went wrong sewing this. Firstly, my fabric stretched too much as I was sewing, hence it doesn't hang as well as it could on the body. Secondly, the bust darts ended up too low on my camisole. I'll have to amend this on the next version.

Note that I have made my camisole shorter than the pattern suggests, so if you are reading this and thinking the top looks too short, don't worry, the pattern is a fair bit longer.

All in all, a nice quick little project!