Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sewing: Deer and Doe Chardon skirt

Happy Thursday y'all! Don't you just love Thursdays? Tomorrow it's Friday and then....WEEKEND!

But I didn't want to talk about Thursdays. I wanted to talk about a Sunday. Last Sunday. The last day of August. On this spectacularly sunny day my lovely friend Nicola and I decided to head over to Kew Gardens and frolick in the sunshine.

It was amazing! The manicured gardens were beautiful, a display of perfection and explosion after explosion of colour. And the landscaped ones were lush to walk around in with a cup of Earl Grey in one hand and iPhone in the other excitedly taking photos of everything.

Also, what a perfect setting for some blog photos?! Nicola kindly played the blog photographer for the afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera so the below are iPhone photos.

So let's talk about the actual skirt.

One of the best things about sewing is having a quick and inexpensive resolution to that situation when you are on the hunt for a garment, you know exactly what you want it to look like's nowhere to be found. Well, luckily you can just make it!

I wanted an elegant high-waisted, flared skirt with pockets (I swear, once you start wearing skirts and dresses with pockets, you don't want to go back) that would be suitable for work. I found lots of skirts that tick the high-waisted and flared boxes, but not the other three.

So I started browsing my favourite patternmakers' websites. And found the solution in Deer and Doe's Chardon.

It came together in one day, and was very simple. Yet for some reason wasn't a particularly enjoyable sewing experience for me. I think I got overambitious and tried to do a pattern hack, which didn't really work and took ages to fix. I also worked impatiently, without taking a break. Bad, bad idea. What made me think that ripping up incorrectly sewn tiny stitches while tired and hungry is part of relaxing afternoon?

I only really have two comments on this pattern. Sizes are on the small side - do your measurements carefully before taking to the scissors. And the belt loops are on the short side. Perfect for thin belts, but if you want something chunkier it won't work. Considering this pattern piece is just a rectangle it is the easiest thing in the world to make them slightly longer.

In terms of the pattern - it's beautiful! Printed on proper hard paper, with simple but straightforward instructions. The pattern comes with both English and French instruction, which, I'm not going to lie, makes you feel well and truly chic.

This 'detail' is not part of the pattern. It is my attempt to fix my pattern-hack-attempt-failure in a somewhat aesthetic way.

Not much to say about the fabric. Simple, easy to work with navy poplin from Minerva Crafts.

I have another Chardon in progress at the moment. Also navy tones, but with a rose print. This is such a wearable pattern that I forsee many many Chardon skirts being introduced into my wardrobe over the next couple of months. I'm tempted to make it up in a wool-mix tartan for winter!

And now....a little bit of Kew.

How pretty is that?! Hold on, there's more! Ah Kew, I fell a little bit in love.

Oh, and let's not forget Nicola's and my favourite part:

The gin garden! Cheers to this Thursday guys! Have a great day! xx


  1. I love your detail/pattern hack correction. Lovely skirt. And the flowers are BEAUTIFUL. Zoe

    1. Thank you! I love this pattern, definitely making another soon! x

  2. love love love everything about this post! beautiful :)