Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sewing: Sew Over It Betty dress

If the theme of the previous post was the contrast combination of hurry and laziness, this post is about the contrast combination of delightful sewing experience and disaster.

Let me present to you my Sew Over It Betty dress:

Last month we went to Josh's sister's wedding (a work of perfection, I have two new crafting idols) and the dress code on the invitation said "summer dresses." [Feels so strange talking about summer dresses when it is so autumnal outside!] I have a wardrobe full of dresses, but I guess I wanted an excuse to buy a new pattern, because none of them felt like they ticked the 'summer dress' box.

I had a little browse online and I saw the Sew Over It Betty pattern. It looked like I ordered it! And the first thing I have to say about it is what an amazingly fast delivery! I ordered on a Friday morning and had the pattern by the next Saturday midday.

I made a bodice muslin the same weekend I got the pattern to try the fit and to test how long it would take me to sew it (i.e. how late could I start it). Did my measurements and size 10 fit like a glove. The bodice sewed in a few h. And that's with a few breaks to Skype home, have some food, and scratch my head over how to turn the facing inside out to finish the shoulders.

Oh yes, this was confusing. Really confusing. But this guide is SUPERhelpful! Once I got it, it was easy. So I'd say...factor in some time to figure this bit out. So far a delightful sewing experience.

I picked up 4 meters of gorgeous floral cotton, quite heavy, almost like a quilting cotton from Goldhawk Road. Because the colour is so light I was worried about see-through issues, so I bought loads of buttery soft Indian cotton and underlined the whole dress.

This is when the disaster happened. I didn't have time to pre-wash my cottons, so I just hoped for the best. Well, after the first wash the underlining shrunk! But not the shell fabric. Imagine.... The underlining was pulling at the shape in the strangest way.

I spent a day doing some reconstructive surgery sewing and largely fixed the problem. Lesson learned. Pre-wash fabrics!

Ah well, now it is fine and oh so perfect for twirling.


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    1. Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'll make sure to check it out! :)