Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sewing: Don't be jealous of my boogie skirt

Has anybody seen RuPaul's Drag Race? A friend introduced me to it a while back and I started watching it and I am HOOKED! I love all the over the top, glamorous, fabulous, big hair, big make up, ELEGANZA EXTRAVAGANZA!

Basically all my sewing is powered by Netflix, and this summer RuPaul and his girls have been keeping me company at the sewing table.

On quite a few episodes these girls have to sew fabulous outfits, often from scratch and sometimes from thrift shop clothes (see what I mean? what's not to love about this show?). Then they wear them down the catwalk to one of RuPaul's songs.

Well, my favourite RuPaul song is 'Don't be jealous of my boogie.' Inspired by this song, I wanted to make a fun little skirt to boogie in. Season 3 saw me through the sewing of this one....

It's kind of self-drafted, but quite basic. Simple ruffled skirt with a broad quilted waistband and invisible side zipper. Fully lined with scraps of some delicious Indian cotton I had left over from another project.

That sounds nice and simple, right? Wrong! This was hell sewing! Mainly because this fabric was sooo hard to work with. It frayed wildly the second I looked at it, it slipped all over the place and it would not ruffle. Threads kept breaking, hemlines were turning out asymmetrical, and there was so much unpicking. The seam ripper did probably two months' worth of work in a 24 h period. I redid the hem something like 14 times, and I think it shows in the photos. Ah well. It's beautiful, so it's worth it. It's basically an off-white satiny polyester with a delicate tulip print that looks water painted.

You will have seen the fabric in the post just below. It was used for one of my earliest sewing projects. I definitely like it much better in the current version.

Right, time for the season 4 finale!


  1. I love this! Looks great :-)

  2. you are TOO CUTE. of course, is rupaul's world, there is no such thing as too cute. so you are JUST RIGHT.