Monday, 25 August 2014

Sewing: Denim Colette Iris shorts

This post is brought to you by a combination of hurry and laziness. I completed these shorts in a hurry. Then I photographed them in a hurry. But I'm taking my sweet time creating this post. It has been raining here all day and it's the bank holiday Monday before work, so laziness is very much on the agenda. I'm on my second pot of jasmine tea and after this post I might just make a third one and watch a movie.

So you might remember my Sound of Music Colette Iris shorts? I mentioned that they were a joy to sew. So quick and easy! Well, after I finished them last summer I immediately started on another pair. But got distracted and left them half-finished for a year. Then this summer I was trying to finish some other sewing projects before moving house and packing everything into boxes. I remembered these and thought I really should finish them too. I gave myself one day to finish three projects, hence hurry no 1.

Here's the thing about making things in a hurry, you make mistakes. Everything was coming along fine with these, I did a final fitting before doing the leg hems and marked on the fabric where the shorts should finish on the leg. Then I cut. And instead of cutting a few cm below my markings...I cut on my markings. This is why they are so very short.

So hurry number two you ask? Well, we have had just the best summer in terms of weather. Absolutely nothing to complain about. And I just assumed it would last. But last week there has been rain, winds and a drop in temperatures. So today I realised I better hurry up and photograph and post my last few makes of the summer, before it is time to make the switch to autumn sewing and blogging.

I managed to photograph two before it started raining way too much. So the others I will have to do at a later point. But that means...another post coming this week!

Look at that invisible side zipper! Can you see it? No? That's right, because it's perfectly installed! (Years of sewing and I still struggle with invisible zippers....)

Final thing to say about these shorts...the fabric. This is very plain, boring, dark denim. But somehow it has become very special to me. I bought meters of it years ago, when I first started sewing. And over time I have used bits of it for various projects, including three patchwork cushions that have all been gifted to special people in my life. These shorts are the very last of that fabric. 

Finally, a close up of the rose that is photobombing all the photos above:


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