Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Quick update - moving house

Hey guys,

I noticed how my page views have increased, so my fingers are twitching to create some new content. However, I have no time at the moment. I am moving house and we all know what a pain in the arse that is. Thankfully, we are in the very final stages of it. Little bits of cleaning of the old place left and last few boxes to unpack in the new place. Oh, also about 2 weeks worth of laundry to do.

But, I thought I'd share little delights of my new home with you. Admittedly, because I'm lazy these photos are from Instagram, but bear with me. I've got some good posts planned for later on in the week.

First out, my little blogging corner. (The other corner along the same wall is to be my little sewing corner. That's work in progress at the moment, I'll be sharing it as soon as it is ready!) The new house has a lot of beautiful wooden furniture (desk is my antique treasure though), so I took the opportunity to indulge in a little British colonial style decor.

I loove the new garden! I am no fan of gardening, lawn mowing etc (I'm taking it one nerdy hobby at a time) and this one is cemented with a hugely overgrown corner filled with all sorts of low-maintenance delights, including rosemary, wild roses and a very sunny spot the neighbourhood cats seem to love. Only downside...lots of spiders!

One of said neighbourhood cats. We hit it off right away from the moment we met! Although I feel he is taking things a bit fast, he tried to move in yesterday!

Right, there is a huge Mirabelle plum tree in the alley calling my name. Absolutely nobody seems to pay any attention to it, so I predict many a plum galettes about to happen in my kitchen.

See you in a few days! xx


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