Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sewing: Lionel Richie tea cosy

Inspiration can really come from the strangest places. Let me tell you. It would be super appropriate to sit down with a cuppa for this blog post. Also, listen to this.

Last time I went back to Sweden my mom gave me a tea set that I took with me back to the UK. Nice heavy stoneware. Better yet, huge tea pot!

If it's one thing I love it's lazy weekend mornings with a pot of tea all to myself. Yesterday I smugly instagrammed a picture of my Saturday morning tea bliss, professing my love for the tea pot.

My very witty friend Jasmin commented that I should DIY the pot to look like this:

I laughed, but also thought "No Sharpie is coming near this tea pot!"

Although...I could do with a cosy!

So I set to work. It just felt right. And I love it when you get some inspiration and happen to have all the material, and more importantly, all the time you need. Semi-recycled fabrics were used for this. The pink was an ugly table cloth from a charity shop. The red gingham from Goldhawk Road, aka my new favourite place in London.

I'd never made a tea cosy before. So I looked for tutorials online and really liked this one.

Very easy, very straightforward, and very satisfying. Thanks Jasmin!

I better start working on the 'Is it brie you're looking for?' tip next. ;)

So...who is coming for tea?