Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sewing: Deer & Doe Plantain T-shirt

Today's topic is free things. Freebies. Best thing ever. Especially free patterns! Omg, the Colette Sorbetto is probably one of the best patterns ever. And it's free!

With this introductory enthusiasm in mind, imagine my joy when I saw that Deer & Doe have released a free pattern? The Plantain T-shirt. (Admittedly, old news now, but I'm slow to catch on.)

I tried it a couple of months ago and really loved the pattern, really hated my chosen fabrics. But with some wine and music it was a delightful experience, and here is my very own Plantain T-shirt.

I choose two difficult fabrics. My jersey had way more stretch than recommended in the pattern, and I chose to have silk sleeves (old scarf no longer being used. You can give a girl a pattern, but you can't stop her upcycling ways). And we all know that silk is an fancy S.O.B. Try attaching it to slippery jersey and it's nothing short of a miracle that my sleeves look relatively symmetrical.

I only really have two comments on the pattern. The neckline band is too short. I had to reeeally stretch mine to get it all the way around the neckline, which resulted in some not-so-pretty puckering. Going over it with a steam iron made it all look fine anyways, but for the next T-shirt I'll add on a few centimeters to the band. It's easy enough to cut off any excess afterwards.

Sizes are always difficult when using a brand for the first time, whether it is sewing from scratch or buying something in the shop. I found with this pattern that the sizes are on the small side, so do your measuring carefully before picking up the scissors.

There are many opportunity for pattern hacks. How about a Plantain dress? Or using a contrasting fabric for the sleeves or back panel? Or adding patch pockets? I'm really keen on a long-sleeved Plantain dress in thicker sweatshirt jersey towards autumn. In fact, I am considering this pattern for the OWOP 2014 that Handmade Jane is hosting.

Behind the scenes photos. Girl's gotta eat, right?


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