Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sewing: Colette Sorbetto polka dot top

When I chat to somebody about sewing and they express even a hint of interest in taking it up themselves, I pounce on the opportunity to recruit them to this wonderful, addictive hobby. It's like a tic with me, I can't help it. Admittedly, many people discreetly change the topic.

For those who don't, the conversation usually ends with me all excitedly and bright-eyed promising to send them "a link to the BEST beginner's pattern EVER!"

I am of course talking about the Sorbetto top by Colette patterns.

This pattern is so easy! No closures, no sleeves, no ruffling, no nothing scary and off-putting. Just a set of fantastic illustrated instructions. And the very best part, this top is completely wearable! As in, it looks great! You'll want to wear it! The same cannot be said about a lot of 'beginner's projects.'

Oh, and did I mention it's free?

I made my first Sorbetto from fabric I salvaged from a charity shop skirt. It's a very drapey viscose that hangs beautifully on the body. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of useable fabric in the skirt, so I made no attempt at pattern matching. Because I couldn't get a large enough piece out of the skirt for the back piece, I had to make the back from two pieces, so there's even more pattern mis-match at the back.

I didn't do any measurements and ended up picking the wrong size, so it's quite loose. But it's a happy accident, because now there is plenty of breathing room on a hot summer's day. I also went for a bit of experimentation and cut out a low back. It worked and I love it.

I made this a good year or so ago, and I've been wearing it sooo much. Definitely a wardrobe staple.

If it seems from the photos like I'm in love with these sunglasses - I am! I accidentally dropped and stepped on my favourite pair of sunglasses last weekend and was devastated. Didn't think I'd find a new 'the perfect pair' so soon!

I'm dying to make a (more fitted) silk version, to go with straight leg trousers and high waisted skirts this autumn.


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