Tuesday, 22 July 2014

DIY: How to make a short necklace long

There isn't much to say about this necklace really. I saw a short necklace in a charity shop and loved the little blue nacre discs. So I bought it, but nothing else about that necklace was flattering. It was just too short, it didn't sit nicely around the neck, and the weight of the nacre discs pulled it down, making the shape of it even less flattering.

Those kind of purchases, that you kind of like, but kind of don't, are perfect for a bit of experimental DIY.

I wanted to keep the nacre discs, but without taking them off and putting on other jewellery individually. So I picked up a long, thin chain at another charity shop, and just removed all links on either side of the string of nacre discs. Then used two of those discarded links to attach that string to the long chain, asymmetrically.

It took less than 5 min in the garden on a sunny day and I think you'll agree that it looks rather nice with a plain top.

Steps below.

As always, supplies first.

  • Necklace you want to make longer. It doesn't have to have nacre discs, anything you have that is pretty but wish it was longer.
  • The chain of a long necklace.
  • Pliers. One pair is fine, but I find it useful to hold chain links with one pair and open them with the other.

Step 1: Remove the chain on your original necklace just above the bit you want to keep. Save two chain links for step 2.
Step 2: Lay the bit you are keeping against your long chain anyhow you fancy. I went for an asymmetrical look. Use the saved chain links to join the pretty part of the old necklace with the link chain.

Ta-dah! Done!


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