Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sewing: Boxy white T-shirt blouse

How to start this post? Soon it's been a year since my last proper blog post.

My life did a sharp turn in August last year and much changed (mostly for the much better). It took me a couple of months to settle into new routines (commuting!) and another few to figure out if I want to continue this vanity project.

I had dinner with a friend (and blogger!) a few weeks ago and we got talking about writing a blog as a hobby. We came to the conclusion that it is too much fun not to, and set ourselves a challenge to write a post by June 1st. My friend was true to her word and yours truly the pub. So one week overdue, I present to you my boxy white T-shirt blouse!

(In contrast to my previous coutryside idyll, I now live in a busy city. And am too shy to pose for a camera perched on a tripod anywhere in public, so enjoy the photos of my hallway!)

You may remember this DIY cardigan? Well, after a wear or two I realised it looks a bit like a doctor's coat. I was going to do something about it, e.g. crop, take in, etc, but after a wash the fake leather pockets were ruined and I lost inspiration.

Then I started seeing boxy jersey T-shirts everywhere, and on a whim I decided to try to salvage enough of the white fabric to make one.

I used this Burda easy pattern, but made a closed back, slightly longer sleeves than the pattern calls for, and cropped it a bit. That pattern is so easy - this blouse was finished in a couple of hours.

Next challenge is for July 1st, see you then!


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