Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY: Farmfest denim vest

I'm not a music festival lover in the slightest. Actually, that's not even true. I don't like camping. And being unclean. I do love music. But I hate being unclean more than I love music.  I could be knee deep in mud if I know there is a hot shower, a clean towel and a soft bed waiting at the end of the day. If there is not, forget it, not happening. So English music festivals have never attracted me.

Aside from when they are literally up the road. For that reason, this little pearl is too good to miss out on. One mile from my house, does it get any better?

We are moving soon, a couple counties away, and I told a few of my friends they have to come visit our little cottage country idyll before we are gone and live in an attached, terraced house like everybody else. One of my favourite Londoners accepted and I got to spend this gone weekend with the lovely Nicola. We ate too much on the Friday night, went to Farm Fest on the very rainy, cold and muddy Saturday and had yet more food overload on the Sunday. If my whole summer could be like this weekend I'd be one happy (and fat) girl. It was great.

Anyways, back to the music. What does a girl wear?

A couple of months ago I bought myself an oversized charity shop denim jacket and cut the sleeves off (this is the DIY, FYI, no further steps required). I'm not sure if I was going for a grunge or Village People look, but either way, this is a favourite wardrobe item now. It just gives that little something extra to a sundress + ballerinas outfit. I had to take it for a spin in the fields!

As it happened it also doubled beautifully as a blanket. Until it started bucketing, that is.

And the festival? Well, if it hadn't rained it could have been amazing. It was still fun, but involved watching some not very good bands because those tents were the only ones not packed from people trying to escape the rain. What we did see ranged from the I-think-I'm-a-rockstar-because-I've-played-at-Glastonbury-and-will-remind-you-of-that-between-every-song- tw*ts to the mediocre to the good to the amazing. When I say amazing I mean Gadjo. I mean, wow! I could not get enough. It was the kind of music that makes you dance and dance and dance and never stop.

I have my roots in the Balkans but have never much cared for Balkan music. Until I heard it mixed with Barcelonian gipsy funk/ska. Yum!

Random fact: The tiny blob on the top of the hill in the top photo is the Glastonbury Tor. Farmfest is the teeniest, tiniest neighbour to this famous monster.

Right, back to the packing.