Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sewing: Happy Sweden day T-shirt blouse

Today is the national day of Sweden. Celebration time! Sweden is a fantastic country and although I'm both an immigrant into and as of recent emigrant out of it, I love it to bits and pieces.

I love it a little extra because it means I get the day off work. ;)

What better way to honour the day than frolicking around in the country side dressed in blue and yellow.

Before and after.
Note that left image shows accurate colour. I took the photos of the finished blouse in way too bright sunshine.

T-shirt blouses are big this season and I made a variation on one aaages ago (remember this post?) using a Burda easy pattern. I think Burda is ok, no more no less, but Burda easy is an absolute gem. It is actually easy. And fun. And wearable. Perfect for beginner sewers.

I love this variation because it has an open back.

I made my blouse from fabric I got out of chopping up a charity shop dress. It is a beautiful deep blue cotton with a turquoise flower pattern. Perfect and cool for hot summer days.

The chickens and I have the same hair colour.

So what did I do with my day off? I went charity shopping, relaxing in a beautiful meadow and chatting to some horses I encountered along the way - see my Instagram, link to the right. Then I came home and made lemonade for reading in the sun. Perfect day!


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