Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sewing shopping - Liberty pin cushion

Non-Londoners, here's a travel tip for you. If you are going to London, byline Oxford Street, Harrods, whatever is in the tourist books. Head instead to Liberty. This is like my Tiffany's. I want everything in there. But usually settle for something from the herbadashery (when I can spell this without having to Google it I'll be a happy girl).

I've had my eyes on this little crown pin cushion for a while but felt I had to see it before choosing colour. So when I was in London a couple of week ago to say hi and bye to a friend moving abroad the opportunity came. And I fell in love with the green crown.

If you are not a sewer you will think me cheap for saying this, but for a pin cushion it's pricy. A pin cushion is something you can whip up in 10 min for the cost of probably 10 p. So I figured a tiny review is in order.'s a bit shit quality for Liberty, when I took it out of the box I could see some glue strands. But these were easy to cut away without the whole thing falling apart. Construction is good. It has a weight of some kind in the bottom which means that it stays where I put it. And it's very firmly stuffed, which is good as otherwise it would be swallowing all my needles.

So overall I'm happy with the purchase. And in a couple days you'll see it in action.


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