Saturday, 2 February 2013

Flash photography

Can I have a new immune system please? Sick again. It feels like I'm always sick. I'm sick of being sick. As a cherry on top earlier today I also banged my head against a tree branch hard enough to see tweeting little birds wherever I looked, so quite possibly I also have a slight concussion.

With a box of tissues, hot tea and vitamin C on standby I'm spending this evening learning about flash photography and musing about what DIY to post tomorrow.

So thankful right now for make up and bright flashes to hide a red nose and grey skin.

Ps, I did a DIY I didn't tell you about. Notice any difference between the images below?

That's right, the hair is gone! When getting tired of long hair and not being able to get a hair appointment having experience with scissors is really useful. ;) 

Right, back to the point - pop in tomorrow for a DIY. x


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