Saturday, 19 January 2013

Inspiration: two tone denim

I am one of those girls who lives in jeans. Love, love, love denim.

So Miu Miu's SS13 show, with loooads of denim grabbed my eye and I have been thinking about how to incorporate more denim luxe into my style for a bit of variation to the endless jeans casual.

I've been doing a mental inventory of the denim items I have, and noticed I own a lot of denim mini skirts. A lot. From my teenage days and not worn much since.

When I saw this picture at the Sartorialist all the bits felt into place and the answer to the musings became obvious: two tone DIY denim skirt, fitted wool coat, simple heels and an endless luxurious scarf. Rosy cheeks from the cold as main accessory.

The skirt would be the easiest thing to DIY. Cut off the bottom of a dark and a light skirt. Sew the bottom of the dark onto the top of the light and vice versa. Done!

I think it's time to start digging out the denim skirts from the bottom of my wardrobe.


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