Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Grey days and magical treats

I hate this greyness that follows Christmas and precedes spring. It's dark, wet, cold. Thoroughly miserable. Life is done on routine. Summer and fun feels miles away. Last night I was so depressed by the whole thing that I finished work, took a shower and went to bed. We're talking 5 pm here.

It's nice having days like that but the rest of the time...well, for me it's all about trying to feel inspired. Inspired to do whatever, just not go to bed. I think it's so important to have little things to look forward to all the time, but also little treats in everyday life. E.g. a bath, a creamy cappuccino, an episode of your favorite show before bedtime. You get the gist.

Right now, the spring couture collections are that magical treat for me. When I feel like going into hibernation until April browsing pictures and watching videos do the job of dispersing those thoughts and leave me planning spring themed DIYs.

And how beautiful and inspirational is this video?

What are your best winter survival tips?


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