Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Rose necklace makeover

I haven't been feeling my very best over the last few days and what better to do when stuck in bed recovering than the tedious task of sorting, cropping, editing photos.

Right, so now that all the photos are edited, I'll be posting a whole three DIYs this week. Starting with the very easiest, a necklace makeover.

So I'm all about colour in summer and shades of gray and black in winter. Therefore I rely heavily on accessories for happy bursts of colour.

I got the below costume jewellery pendant from my mom. I loved the shape, but it felt a bit boring.

So it became forgotten about until I was cleaning my little atelier and was flicking through some recent magazines, getting ready to throw them out. Came upon this page, something about purple being trendy this AW. I love some plum shades, so perfect!

Supplies couldn't be easier. Nail polish and a pendant. I'm sure any hobby paint would work too, but you know my love for nail polish by now.

The nail polish looks red, but two coats of that and you've got the most amazing plum colour.

Paint. Leave to dry. Repeat. Wear.