Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Knitted squares part II - circle scarf

Hi blog friends!

I promised to show you how to make some handknitted Christmas presents (or additions to your winter wardrobe?). So without further ado..

The circle scarf


  • Wool - note that you will need a couple of yarn balls, not just the one pictured
  • Knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Not pictured: needle and thread, ideally thick thread, e.g. embroidery

Anybody with knitting knowledge will tell you that you make a circle scarf using circle needles, but ignore them, the point of this post is maximum results with minimal effort.

Cast on.

How to know how many stitches you will need? The width you get on the knitting needle will be the height of the scarf, from your shoulders up (if you imagine it sitting on your shoulders as a straight tube around your head, come on, be imaginative ;). So keep going until you are happy.

Then knit, knit, knit until you get a rectangle that wraps all the way around your neck however many times you want (or you can be more methodical and measure how large you want the circumference and knit until you get desired size).

Finish the rectangle and bind off.

Next step is to forgive my crap drawing. Then you'll fold the rectangle over, sew together where the horrible attempt at squiggling indicates, and end up with a tube. Turn the tube inside out to hide the sewing on the inside and ta-dah...your circle scarf!

To illustrate the "tube on shoulders around the head" explanation (hair in the air not required):

Hot water bottle cosy and mittens coming tomorrow! :)


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