Sunday, 2 December 2012

Knitted squares part I - Gift ideas from knitted squares

Hey guys,

Firstly, happy advent! I hope you're all having/had, depending on when you read this, a lovely, cosy Sunday.

Sidenote: I made truffle muffins for advent fika today. Boyfriend wanted muffins made of chocolate truffles. Didn't think it existed, but of course it does. And of course it is a Martha Stewart recipe

Inside they are supergooey, almost liquid, amazing, you must try! Add cinnamon, cloves and cardamom for a Christmassy flavour.

So this is officially the countdown to Christmas, and I'm so excited. If you, like me, still have most of your presents to sort out, I'd thought I'd show some ideas.

Therefore, the theme of today is knitting. My grandmother did a brave attempt to teach me a few years ago, but alas my mind probably was a bit like Tefal at the time. But earlier this year I found myself in a tiny town in the very north of England for work for a month with nothing to do in my free time. And weather too miserable to even step outside. One day I went to a market and a stall was selling yarns and knitting needles. So I figured what the hell, I'll learn to knit. I found some Youtube videos, got the hang of it and when I went home I had a handknitted throw to show for my four weeks in the north.

Ca 8 months later I can still only make squares, but hey, you can make absolutely tons of stuff with squares, so still win.

Long story short: let's make handknitted gifts!

Oh, you don't know how to knit? No problem, call me ambitious, but I thought I'd teach you.

(In fact, call me lazy, because I'm going to link to a video of somebody else teaching you.)

Here's the thing, learning to knit is supereasy! Just follow these videos - they are short, easy to follow and fool proof.

1. (Almost) everything you need for a simple project - in 6 minutes!

2. For anything large in size you will need several balls of yarn - how to add a new ball of yarn

And that's it, in less than 10 minutes you can learn to knit! And with those skills you can make:

A circle scarf

A hot water bottle cosy

Fingerless mittens (pompoms optional)

I'll show you the specifics of how in the next couple of days! So pop back mid-week!

In the meantime, get yarn and needle shopping! Tip: chunky wool and large needles make the fastest projects (and cosiest, if you ask me). I love Twilleys Freedom yarn! The best way to find your favourite is simply to find a shop selling yarns and touch and feel. The label on the yarn will tell you the best needle size to knit with.

Bottom three photos by Josh.


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