Saturday, 24 November 2012

Earings as easy as pie

Hi blog-friends!

Just saw that my stats for today went crazy (how?) compared to last couple of weeks so figured I better give those of you who are here some new content.

Earlier in the week I needed some superlazy time and ended up sitting in the kitchen with a huge mug of tea making earrings from a bracelet I had bought in a charity shop.

With Christmas coming up I decided I should try to have some holidays themed posts, and handmade jewellry is a perfect gift or stocking filler. Or just something pretty for yourself to wear.

To make earrings from a bracelet you will need:

  • A bracelet with some interesting components or pretty charms
  • Some earring hooks (while second hand is awesome, you might want to buy these. sanitary reasons and all that)
  • Pliers

Take apart the bracelet and decide what design you want by laying out a few different ones.

When you've chosen one use some chain links from the bracelet to put together the pieces to make the earrings.

Easy as pie! :)

Come back tomorrow for some advent candle lanterns!


  1. ooh! that's amazing!!!sooo stunning!!!perfect companion for your prom dress:)