Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tie dye jeans

Good morning everybody!

Last night I installed a new blogger template, created and freely distributed by the lovely Katrina at Pugly Pixel. The header is temporary, but I'm loving the simplicity with bursts of candy pink.

Hopefully this new look will be the start of regular and better posting. To emphasise this intention, here are some DIY tie dye jeans!

Remember this post? Tie dye has been on my mind for a while, and as I was born about a decade too late I've never had the opportunity to test out this fun method. So first tie dye attempt...well, the results were so so as I did just about everything wrong. So with the instructions on how to do this, I'll also provide a set of instructions of what NOT to do.

First things first though. Gather your supplies:
  • White jeans (or dark if you want to tie dye with bleach instead of dye. If you go for dye, remember to use a natural material such as cotton, as the dye won't work on polyester)
  • Dye (or bleach if using dark jeans)
  • Rubber bands
  • Some gloves
  • Not pictured: a container - don't use your sink unless it's stainless steel, as the dye stains

  1. Start pinching off sections of your jeans using the rubber bands.
  2. Keep going.
  3. And some more.
  4. When you've tied to your heart's content, prepare the dye using the instructions on the packet, plop in your jeans bundle and follow the instructions on the dye packet.
What NOT to do:
  1. DON'T buy gloves and ignore to use. Zombie like grey skin doesn't look good on anybody.
  2. DON'T fall asleep in the sun while your jeans soak in the dye about 3 times as long as they are supposed to.
  3. If you do the above, DON'T panic when you remember your jeans and realise they have gone way darker than you wanted.
  4. And finally...if you do panic, DON'T throw the jeans into the washing machine on 60 degrees C for 2.5 h. Mine took on a slightly green colour after this.
Other than that, this is so easy!


  1. Hey! Im a huge fan of your blog and i hope you dont mind if I put this on my blog too i will thank you and your blog for the idea pleaasseee i just love the idea so much!

    1. Hi Caitriona! Thanks for your sweet comment! No, of course I don't mind if you share this tutorial, as long as you link back. Which I see you have done in just the sweetest way, so all good. Feeling honoured you liked it enough to reblog. :)