Monday, 16 July 2012

Jungle inspired straw clutch

Happy Monday everybody!

Hope everybody's week is off to a good start! I struggled with Monday tiredness all day until like... actually, I probably will until the weekend. (The weekend really should be upgraded to 3 days.)

So I figured screw it, I'm going to be superproductive anyway and stop neglecting this blog. In fact, I have been neglecting this blog so much that to make up to you I have a whole two fashion inspired tutorials planned for this week. Awesome, no? ;)

The first one...remember this inspo post? Well, even before I saw the Anya Hindmarch clutch I have been pondering what to do with a straw clutch I got as a freebie in 2009 in The Body Shop and haven't used since...2009. I liked the shape and size of it, but thought it looked a bit plastic. The Ipanema clutch and its needle work and beads on straw clearly was the inspiration I needed.

This is what I came up with. The bf thinks the beading looks like eyes. I can live with that.

  • Straw clutch - if you cant find one, get a straw place mat, fold over, sew or glue in place and you've got one
  • Embroidery thread
  • Some beads
  • Some decorative ribbon
  • Bias binding, or a bit of fabric to make some
  • Scissors, needle, glue if you must

My clutch had to be stripped of its tacky, plastic white trimming. Ripping ugly details off is surprisingly satisfying.

Make your bias binding. Sew it around the edges of the clutch. I used thick embroidery thread, because I like the look of the big stitches.

Add some nice trimming. I recommend hand-sewing, but if you are the type who doesn't mind glue, go for it! You'll save yourself time and a lot of needle stabbing into fingers.

Finish with some beading. I added two golden buttons for closing, and I simply use a hair elastic wrapped around the two buttons to keep the clutch closed. Easy and practical if you, like me, always have a few hair bands around your wrist.

Maybe not an afternoon project, but great for a rainy Sunday!


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