Sunday, 22 July 2012

Floral applications skirt

I'm a sucker for printed fabrics, especially florals, so needless to say, I love spring and summer (aside from it also being warm, sunny and generally awesome). What I really liked about this seasons' collections is that the florals are three dimensional. It creates such an interesting texture and is so easy to take inspiration from for a DIY. Embroidery, applications, beading..the choice of techniques makes it such a versatile inspiration source.

I went with washed out jerseys.

You know those jersey items we all probably have, those that are so worn and washed so many times they’ve long ago started to look sad, but also so comfy it’s impossible to get rid of them. In my case this included a couple of T-shirts that have lost most of their color (and all of their fit) and a skirt with too many moth holes in it. Embarrassing. But also so comfortable.

The inspiration:

I wasn't really sure how to do this, whether to make rosettes out of scrap fabric or to buy ribbons, but then I remembered this awesome T-shirt dress on one of my favorite blogs and borrowed the idea for how to create applications.

This is what you will need:
  • An old skirt
  • Some T-shirts
  • Optional: other fabrics for different textures (I had some scrap silk fabric from an upcoming project)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • A film to watch because if you hand sew, it will take you a while

Cut your T shirts and fabrics into strips.

Form fabric strips into flowers (I tried to twist and turn to make rosettes, but ended up with spirally piles of fabric -ah well, this project is forgiving), pin in place and hand sew. Do a symmetric pattern or do it randomly, it will look great whichever way, I'm sure.

Photos of finished skirt by the bf (you can probably tell, because my behind is in focus..sorry about that!).


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