Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tiny little plants in tea cups

If I've made a good enough impression on you to pop in now and then recurrently you will soon notice that everything about me, from my mood to what I do, even what kind of foods I eat, is predicted by the weather. Check the forecast and you'll know what I'll be having for dinner. Something along those lines. ;)

And so now that it's gray and rainy, but still a pleasant temperature, a weather perfect for growth and life, I want to bring some of all that wonderful greenness into the house. But to do it from the dry, warm side of the window.

Having seen people grow herbs in cute little teacups, I've been going to markets and charity shops and buying porcelain items like I was about to have a small country over for tea. And so I introduce to you my first adventure in potting and planting..


And my attempt:

A selection of china and a few cheap, but cute little plants. Oh, and some soil is also needed. 

While the plastic pots the plants come in are ugly (and most likely won't fit in your average tea cup), they are really useful for water drainage. So I can recommend cutting out the bottom and cutting it to a size that will fit snugly into your tea cup.

Pop your plant in, fill with soil, water and spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up all the soil because you were too eager to start and didn't cover surfaces properly (oh, just me? nevermind then).

I'll admit that I did this on a gray, gloomy day a few weeks ago and can hence give a progress update. The two little alpine plants are thriving, and the herbs have...well, been eaten. As they are growing new leaves I'm sure herbs can grow just fine in cups, but at least for me, when it comes to yummy plants, I'd much rather grow them in something like a barrel.

Still, they look darn cute on the kitchen windowsill!


  1. Very delicate and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely! I'm scoring my whole area for old teacups so I can do this :D