Friday, 29 June 2012

Golden heart bracelet

I love Thursdays. They provide the tickling sensation that it's Friday the next day and thus hold all sorts of promises of sleep, fun and time to catch up with everything and everyone (or at least this optimistic attitude).

And yesterday I was so happy that it was Thursday that I spent the afternoon crafting. The results - a little heart bracelet.

I picked up this necklace with about 3 trillion hearts on it for next to nothing in a charity shop.

I did this outside on a rare sunny day and completely forgot to take process pictures, so I'll just talk you through it, it's dead-easy!

  1. You need a necklace with a pendant, some pliers and a measuring tape (or just wrap it around your wrist for measurements).
  2. Start from the clasp to make things easy, measure how much of the chain on each side of the clasp you need to keep to make it go around your wrist.
  3. Use your pliers to open your chain links at the point you measured on each side. Remove the chain you don't need.
  4. Open up the chain links around the heart/pendant to free it up.
  5. Using some spare chain links attach the heart to the two sides of the chain around the clasp (you just squeeze the links together using the pliers to close them).


  1. It looks great on your hand, seriously these type of bracelet enhance appearance of women. I love these type of fashion jewellery.

  2. wow! perfect! that's amazing! lobe your diy tips!!! stunning companion for your cocktail dresses!