Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Skirt from dress, aka the easiest ever skirt to make

Hi! Here's a quick before and after project. Perfect, if you like me, fall for the print of a too large, too shapeless thrifted dress. It makes a perfect summer skirt for days spent lazing on the lawn.

For this you will need:
  • A dress, or long skirt, a few sizes too large
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread, or sewing machine (totally can be done by hand, as most of the stitches already exist)
  • Elastic band
  • A sun-worshiping dance or two to make sure you have nice weather to enjoy it

Decide how long you want your new skirt to be, add the cm/inches for your elastic band, plus maybe 1 cm for a hem.  I wanted a sliiiight paper bag skirt effect, so I also added 1 cm for above the elastic band.

Measure from below, to keep the hem the dress already has, and cut. I find the easiest way to get it straight is to fold the fabric over, and if it looks straight, cut.

If your material frays and you want your skirt to last, it might be a good idea to zig zag the hem. I felt half-bothered, so did it a bit half-heartedly. 

Go around the skirt and fold your waistband+hem inwards. Measure here and there to make sure it's even. Pin in place.

Sew. Now, if you, like me, want your skirt slightly paper bag-y, you need to sew two lines, between which your elastic band will be, leaving a little fabric above the top line. If you don't, then one line is fine.

Whichever you do, make sure to measure that your elastic band will fit.

Cut a little hole in the inner layer of the folded down fabric.

Measure your elastic band. You want it to sit tight, so don't go after your waist measurement, wrap it around your waist, tighten to the point that feels good, and cut, leaving a cm or two to sew the ends together.

Pull your elastic band through the "trench" you have sewn, sew the ends together and...all done!


  1. This is adorable! Who knew a typical thrift store dress could make such a stylish skirt? :S