Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nail polish wedge sandals

Nail polish. Which girl doesn't love it? But here’s a problem. How does anybody ever use up a whole bottle? If I try I get tired of the color, and if I don’t try, I feel bad about throwing it away (it not being so great for the environment and all).

In parallel, colorful heels and wedges this season have been capturing my attention. But let's face it, if I could splurge hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes just because I like the color, I would hardly be writing this blog (see first post).

And as it sometimes does, a solution to both problems appeared... Painting old/second hand wedge heels with left-over nail polish. After all, nail polish is how the red Louboutin sole was born.

Soo...the inspiration:

..and how to DIY it:

You will need:
  • Old or second hand wedges with a plastic wedge. Cork would probably work too.
  • Nail polish, white for a base and a color of your choice
  • Tape to protect the rest of the shoe, I found brown packaging tape to work fine
  • Some cardboard/newspaper to protect surfaces from nail polish

Work in a well-ventilated area.

Tape around the heel.

Paint the heel with white nail polish. Depending on how dark your heel is, paint 2-3 coats. I did 2 coats. Leave to dry for at least a couple of hours, overnight if you have the patience. :)

Next, paint the heel with the color of your choice. Two coats should do it. Leave to dry overnight before you remove the tape, to ensure an even line on the finished shoe.

Taa-daah! Easy, no?


  1. Danka did you see that there are articles all over the news today about women doing this very thing, painting shoe soles red to imitate Louboutins?! I thought of you. :-)

    1. Hi Caroline! I haven't, but I'm not surprised. Too easy not too! ;)